Exercise, nutrition, and.....sleep! These are crucially important to our health! Most Americans do not get enough sleep and pay the price for it - chronic disease, fatigue, low productivity, obesity, depression, anxiety, and the list goes on - are all linked to not getting enough sleep!

We ideally need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. This is uninterrupted sleep, in a dark, cool room and cannot be made up for with naps during the day. Adequate sleep helps control feelings of hunger during the day and helps your body recover after workouts. I can't stress how important it is to prioritize sleep.

Rachel wrote an amazing blog post with tips for getting a better night's sleep which is linked here: Tips for a Sound Night's Sleep. Check it out!

Thursday's Training:

A. Rope climb practice

B. For Time:

30 KBs (53/35)

1 Rope Climb (15')

20 KBs

2 Rope Climbs

10 KBs

(3 Rope Climbs)