Read for nutrition challenge tip!

Remember Friday is Veteran's Day and we only have a 9:30am class. We'll do a hero wod and it will be a fun time! Make sure to show up!

For those of you on the Nutrition challenge- make sure you are eating enough food! Many times when we change the way eat or cut out processed foods, we tend to undereat. Make sure you eat balanced meals (protein/carbs/fats) and that you eat until you are satiated. Don't worry about counting calories, when you are eating REAL food, your body knows how much you need. This will help you maintain energy and avoid feeling headachy or run down in the afternoons.

Also a reminder to order Fia's Meals! Here is the menu for this week: Fia's meals

Thursday's Training:

4 rounds:

100m MB Carry (20/14)

10 Pistols

2 rounds:

200m MB Carry

10 Weighted Lateral Box step up and overs (20")

Get Toned:

6 rounds:

10 DB Push Press

20 DB Walking lunges

40 Single Unders