Push-ups & squats

Get your bathing suits ready for Saturday's beach WOD! Maisie has hers :) Meet us at the gym at 8am to carpool or be a pass-a-grille by 9:30!

Then get flexy with Michelle at 10am on Sunday.

MAX EFFORT DAYYYYY!! About tomorrow's workout:

We like to test the push-up because, like the pull-up, it is another simple gymnastics movement that reflects strength and stamina produced by our bodyweight.

The Back Squat is the pinnacle of our single modality weightlifting tests. Strength in this lift serves as the bedrock of all other lifts and lays the foundation for the ability to increase your submaximal loads over multiple reps, which translates to lifting larger loads over longer distances more quickly.

Compare to November 17, 2016

Thursday's Training:

A. Max Push-ups

B. 1 Rep Max Back Squat

Get Toned:

A. Max Push-ups

B. Max Air Squats

C. Max Plank Hold

D. Max Hang from pull-up bar

*make sure to record score for each for future testing!