Proud Mom & Dad

Guys! Jared and I are soooo proud of you for completing the nutrition challenge! Everyone I have measured so far has had an improvement! Some people have lost multiple inches, others have told me how much better the workouts are going - including the Nutrition Tester which basically everyone absolutely crushed this time around!!

You should all consider this an awesome accomplishment and keep doing it!!! I can't stress how important consistency is. Stay in the habit of eating healthy. Yes there will be times that you go off-plan but make those the exception and not the rule!

Look out for a very short survey in your email about the challenge! And be sure to jump in the next time we do it!

Again, I am offering 10% Nutritional Counseling services if you want a more fine-tuned, individual plan. This is going to be different for everyone, but now that you have a healthy eating foundation, you can really work on aesthetic and performance goals. Please let me know!

Reminder: Saturday is movie night at Britton 8 at 6pm! Sunday is Yoga at 10 am - our only class this month. And one week from tonight the girls will be going out for wine and snacks at Grille 116!

December 16 is our Holiday Party! Bring a dish or drink to share. Ugly sweaters are encouraged! All friends, family, and dogs are welcome!

Thursday's Training:



Deadlifts (225/155)


Get Toned:


KB Deadlifts

Hand Release push-ups