Power Clean-Up

We have a Fundamentals program beginning this Monday, May 16. It is for anyone new to fitness and is perfect for those who want to try CrossFit without a long commitment.

It is 6 sessions over the course of two weeks and is $99. Please help us by telling your friends! Thanks!

A. Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1

Each rep should be a Max Effort attempt. Warm up until you are ready to count your lifts towards 1 of the 5 reps. After you begin you will count each successful and unsuccessful lift as one of the 5 reps.

Ex. start at 95 (success) - 115 (success) - 125 (fail) - 125 (success) - 130 (fail)

Record each rep: 95-115-125(f)-125-130(f)