Post Christmas WOD

We hope you enjoyed your Christmas break with family and friends. Lauren and I had the opportunity to spend it with Connecticut family, as well as our Florida family.

Let's get a full week of training in, so you can feel good about New Year's and celebrate all your hard work.

As a reminder we will be closed January 2nd to honor the New Year. If you ever have questions about what days we will be closed, here is a Calendar to help. This will show you our 2017 dates.

Tuesday's Training:


5 Rounds for Time and Reps

10 x Shuttle Run

Max Set Back Squat @ BW

Rest 2min

Get Toned:

5 Rounds for Time and Reps

10x Shuttle Run

Max Set DB Front Squats

Scoring: Time taken to complete Workout (including rest) – total Back Squat reps (1 rep = 1 second)