Our Spotlight Athlete for August!

August 2019 Spotlight Athlete

Tony has been an athlete at the gym since April, after he came to our Free Week of Fitness. Since joining, he has easily become one of the most consistent athletes with a fun competitive spirit. Tony's wife Aubrie is also a member of the gym, though they don't get to work out together very often.

Tony says the biggest challenge for him during workouts is staying focused on being consistent - not pushing too hard, but trying to find a good pace. Although he finds the snatch to be a challenging movement, he has been able to go from a one rep max of 135 to 185 recently due to "coaching, time, and effort".

His ideal workout would include running (no surprise), snatches, and bar muscle ups. For the biggest impact CrossFit has had on Tony's life he says, "Giving me the strength and motivation to wake up everyday feeling good about myself.. and most importantly family.. seeing everyone happy and excited to kill the workout each and everyday.. learning about others and coming together. CrossFit isn’t easy but when you have people that are motivated it gives you the drive to push yourself and others."

We are happy to have Tony as one of our athletes and are excited to continue to see the progress he makes!

Friday's Training:



Buy-In: 50/35 Calorie Row

Max Rounds of "The Chief" (135/95)

Rest 5 Minutes


Buy-In: 35/25 Calorie Row

Max Rounds of "The Chief" (155/105)

Rest 5 Minutes


Buy-In: 20/15 Calorie Row

Max Rounds of "The Chief" (175/125)

1 Round of "The Chief":

3 Power Cleans

6 Push-ups

9 Air Squats