Nutrition Challenge Follow-up

If you missed my announcement on social media, Team Phoenix, or Christina's team has won the Nutrition Challenge! They will all be compensated for winning, but everyone has hopefully gained knowledge from this challenge. Don't be disappointed if your team didn't win, almost everyone lost multiple inches and improved in their workout time. Keep up the amazing work!

I emailed everyone a link to short survey and I would really appreciate your feedback on the challenge. If you didn't see it, please complete it here

Girls Night Out is this Wednesday evening at 6pm at Grille 116. Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday's Training:

A. 5 rounds:

1 Push Press

2 Push Jerk

3 Split Jerk

B. 1-1-1-1-1

Split Jerk

Get Toned:

20 min AMRAP:

100 Single Unders

30 Wall Balls

15 Parallette Dips