Nutrition Challenge

I know that most of you care about your health - hence why you come to the gym - and most of you work out hard to maintain certain weight or the way your clothes fit, or to just feel better. You may be missing a key component of this which is nutrition.

I thought we could kick off summer and post-Memorial Day weekend with a Nutrition Challenge in June. I have come up with some guidelines that I want to present to everyone on Saturday, May 28 at 9 am (before "Murph"), and can provide the guidelines to anyone who is unable to make it that day if you want to participate.

I've also created a Facebook group for people to join and ask questions, post meals, and get tips and advice. We will not have a "winner" because if you all follow these guidelines closely, you will all win!

More details to come, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out this awesome recipe for a Chia Seed pudding which is like a treat but packed with nutrition!

Cacao Chia Seed Pudding

Wednesday's Training:

Every other min x 20 mins:

1 Power Snatch