April 2017 Nutrition Challenge!.png

Last Week of the Challenge

Hello! You've made it this far in the nutrition/life challenge! We have one week remaining of scoring, but I want you to continue with healthy eating habits, drinking enough water, sleeping well, and getting in the gym from here on out. This challenge is meant to be an overall lifestyle versus a temporary fix/diet. I promise you it is sustainable and will contribute more to your overall health than anything out there marketed as a diet or quick fix.

I hope you have been keeping your score sheets up to date and more importantly, have been honest with yourself about how you are doing. You're only cheating yourself! I want to give a special shout out to those who have been checking in regularly on Facebook and holding themselves accountable! Remember if you don't have Facebook or Instagram you can write a review on Google and Yelp for points!

Thank you for your patience with Jared and myself as we have been enjoying our new baby girl. We hope the coaches were helpful and kept your gym experience more or less the same as usual, and enjoyable! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Monday's Training:

A. Back Squat


Build up to as heavy as possible

B. For time:

100 Heel taps

Every time you break (stop moving), perform 10 Lateral Jumps

Get Toned:

For Time:

100 Goblet Squats (53/35)

100m run

100 Single Unders

100m run

100 Mountain Climbers

100m run

100 Single Unders

100m run

100 Heel Taps - every time you break, perform 10 Lateral Jumps