How CrossFit Combats Chronic Disease

I always jump on an opportunity to share the great words of CrossFit's Founder and CEO, Greg Glassman. If you haven't heard him speak, find anything with him on YouTube and give it a listen. He was just recently on Julie Foucher's (former Games Athlete) podcast, which you can check out here.

Recently, I read an article adapted from Glassman's lectures regarding the modern chronic disease epidemic and how CrossFit gyms and trainers are working to prevent chronic disease. If you have some free time, it is a quick read and well-worth it. You can find it here.

I'll share a part that particularly stood out to me:

"We have 13,000 gyms with 2 to 4 million people safe from chronic disease right now. This community is doing a lot of good things on a lot of fronts. Yet our gyms are thriving not because of our impact on chronic disease. They are thriving because the end users, the customers, are extremely happy with the transformation. And it is part physical, part emotional, part health markers, part relationships.

That is the miracle of CrossFit: People are getting something that they did not even know they wanted or needed."

Just some food for thought for your Friday :)

Friday's Training:

12 min AMRAP:

21 Ab Mat Sit Ups

15 DB Box Step Up & Overs (45/25) (20" box)

9 DB Jumping Lunges (45/25)

Get Toned:

12 min AMRAP:

21 Hanging Knee Raises

15 Goblet Squats

9 Push-ups