Green Beans & Cranberries

Don't forget about Yoga this Sunday at 10am. Free for you, $10 for a friend!

Thanksgiving recipe ideas part 3:

Green bean casserole? Do we like this? If so here is an adapted recipe: Paleo Green Bean Casserole (yes I consider green beans to be paleo, they are a vegetable)

Here is another: Grain free/dairy free Green bean casserole

Cranberry sauce- that yummy sweet stuff in the can!! Yay!! Or if you don't want to only consume high fructose corn syrup try this- Paleo Cranberry sauce

or here is one with an orange twist!

What other sides do you guys want recipes for? Next week I will make a post about desserts, because it's not Thanksgiving without pie :)

Friday's Training: CrossFit + Get Toned

3 rounds:

400m run

25 anchored sit-ups

400m run

rest 5 mins