CrossFit Games

The Games are in 33 days! As you may know, the CrossFit Games are when the most elite athletes in our sport compete to be the Fittest Man or Woman on Earth.

They spend hours each day in the gym, take top finishes in the Open, compete for a top 5 finish at Regionals, to move on to the CrossFit Games. These men and women are completely dedicated to their sport and most of them have made this their career.

For me, the CrossFit athletes are so inspiring. I think about how they are in the gym doing workout after workout and pushing through. Those thoughts motivate me to get through a workout that might absolutely suck.

If you haven't already, check out CrossFit's channel on YouTube and go to to watch amazing videos and see the athletes at their best!

Thursday's Training:

5 rounds:

500m row

Max Set KB Swings (53/35)

Rest about 2 mins

Get Toned:

5 rounds:

500m row

25 Russian KB Swings

The CrossFit Games are in 33 days!