Bodyweight Day

Did you know that what you eat is not the only way to improve your health? Think of nutrition as one of four "pillars" to sustaining a healthy lifestyle and getting to your ideal weight.

Three other pillars each play a hugely important role: sleep, movement, and community.

Our challenge this month helps you dial in these other pillars as well as your healthy eating habits to get you the results you are looking for. Make sure to get enough sleep! Sleeping in a dark, cool room without any devices is where you should begin. Turn off the tv and stop looking at your phone at least 30 minutes before bed. You can also get yourself a pair of snazzy amber glasses to wear around the house after the sun goes down to block the blue light transmissions from lights which messes with our circadian rhythms. Jared and I use these.

As far as movement goes, keep yourself accountable by getting into the gym. Even if you just come to work on some mobility or skill work, it helps to be in the environment that inspires you to move. If you can't make it, still stand up and walk and move as much as possible throughout the day. Set an alarm to go off every 30 minutes that reminds you to stand up at your desk, do a few stretches, or get some water. Being sedentary is a leading cause of chronic disease.

Finally, you are part of an amazing, supportive community here at the gym. If you are struggling with meeting your goals, talk to someone! Find people that will lift you up and not make you feel bad or guilty for not wanting to eat certain foods. You can always reach out to Jared and I for any questions or concerns!

Wednesday's Training:

20 min AMRAP:

25 Push-ups

25 Double Unders

1 min plank hold

25 Double Unders

25 Mountain climbers