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Hello fellow Bring Sexy Back challengers!

It's been 10 days since we started tracking our nutrition, water intake, sleep, and exercise on a daily basis. I wanted to check in to see how it's going. By now you should hopefully be past any symptoms you may have started noticing when first eliminating certain foods from your diet (such as fatigue, digestive issues, headaches, etc.). I hope you have found a rhythm to your days so that the "challenge" is becoming more manageable.

If for some reason you are struggling, please talk to your coach or to me about what's going on and we can try to help you figure out what's holding you back!

Here are some tips if you are invited to any parties or social situations in which you will be tempted by lots of non-healthy foods:

Plan, plan, plan, and take a no excuses approach.

Some tactics are:

1. Eat before you go

2. Bring a compliant appetizer/dish to share

3. Soda water looks remarkably like a cocktail

4. Focus on the socialization and not what is in your hand or your...


Thanks for celebrating Jared's birthday with us today!

Don't forget to invite your friends to do "Murph" with you next weekend on Saturday, May 25. All are welcome!

We will have Yoga this Sunday, May 19 at 10am!

Thursday's Training:


Toes to Bar Practice:

12min Cap

Rx+: 5 Rds: 30DUs/12TTB

Rx: Accumulate 60 TTB

Sx: Accumulate 60 Knee to Chest/ Leg Lifts


"Freddy Krueger"


Kettlebell Swings (70/53)



Tomorrow is Jared's birthday! We will celebrate him being another year older and in the Masters division with a heavy Power Clean and a short workout (you know Jared doesn't like to breathe heavy).

Jared is a man of many CrossFit shirts, a fan of James "OPT" Fitzgerald and Josh Bridges, and a one time dinner companion of CrossFit founder Greg Glassman (all fun facts). He started the gym in his carport because he thought he could run a fitness business better than the previously established CrossFit gyms in Tampa (this stubbornness actually panned out somehow). He is a lover of finance and shorting the stock market and will bet the "don't pass line"when you play Craps with him (so nobody likes him at the table).

But seriously, I may be biased in writing this but Jared has a passion in life that is contagious. He easily embodies the role of leader which many of us feel unnatural in (myself included). He is the reason I left my career in social work to pursue CrossFit as a coach and then gym owner, and challenges me to be my best in fitness and in my responsibilities....



“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish, and stupid.” – Epictetus

If there’s one thing we can guarantee ourselves, it’s that we’re going to fail.

We’re going to fall flat on our face.

We’re going to embarrass ourselves.

It’s part of the way. It’s guaranteed.

But if we promise ourselves one thing, everything changes.

To promise to uphold the willingness to learn.

To take the failure from “this isn’t for me” and translate it into “I’m not good enough yet”. And to identify the skills and knowledge required to take us there. When we turn inward, it’s the promise to find a reason to overcome. Because it’s never a challenge of if we can do it or not… but rather a challenge of how bad do we want it. How hard we’ll work for it.

We can sit and wallow, or we can meet fire with fire. To pick up the pieces, binding and mending them together, to ultimately make them far stronger than before.

We don’t get better when it’s easy.

And we know we don’t get better when we win.

We get better,...



27 June, 2016

“I’m on Day 6 and I’ve been throwing up all day. Is this normal?”

“It’s Day 16, and my sinuses are so clogged, I can barely breathe. Is this normal?”

“I’m on Day 22; I am having the worst hair day, and I got a flat tire on the way to work. Is this normal?”

Okay, maybe that last one sounds far-fetched, but we hear questions like this on social media and the Whole30 forum all the time. You do the Whole30, experience some unpleasant symptoms along the way, and assume they’re Whole30-related. But still… they’re not exactly what we outlined in our Whole30 Timeline (page 32 in The Whole30), so you hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat to see if it’s a common occurrence on the program.

Of course, we’re not doctors, and we can’t accurately medically diagnose your symptoms in 140 characters or less. But there’s one thing you...


A new recipe/meal planning book has just been released from a real food blogger I follow and really like, Cassy Joy Garcia. Check out the description below, and consider purchasing if you are someone who struggles to eat well throughout the week because cooking is just so tiring!

Here is the book on Amazon

Cook Once, Eat All Week is a revolutionary way to get a delicious, healthy, and affordable dinner on the table FAST. Author Cassy Joy Garcia will walk you through this tried-and-true method and show you how batch-cooking a few basic components can give you an entire week’s worth of dinners with minimal time and effort.

Have you ever tried a meal prep plan before and gotten so excited about having your cooking for the week done ahead of time, only to find yourself totally exhausted after a full day in the kitchen, shocked by your grocery bill, and tired of the same leftovers by Tuesday?...


Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and what you can do about it!

Have you ever leaked when doing double unders?

What would you say if I told you that you are definitely not alone?

In fact, over 70% of women leak with double unders!

What if I also told you that it is not normal?!

In this workshop, we are going to discuss the WHAT is incontinence, WHY it happens, WHO it happens with, and HOW the heck to stop it!

Grab a friend and don't miss out!

Come on Saturday at 11am to hear Dr. Kaylee Simmerman, a pelvic floor physical therapist give us tips and tricks on how to help and prevent stress incontinence associated with exercise!

Thursday's Training:

"The Bell of the Ball"

3 Rounds

400m Run

24 Wall Balls (20/14)

16 Dumbbell Box Step-ups (50/35) (24"/20")

(Use 1 Dumbbell or 1 Kettlebell)


Now that we have started the "Bring Sexy Back" challenge and you have a few days under your belt, you may want to start thinking about getting your family and kids to get on the same page as you when it comes to healthy food choices.

I know some of you may immediately think, "there's no way my kid will give up (insert favorite snack here)" but honestly, if they are a kid living under your roof and you're the one doing the grocery shopping and making all of the food, do they really have a choice?

We may find it's easier to just give in to your kid's demands when it comes to food for a couple of reasons - we're too stressed/tired to fight them and/or you give them food you know they will eat, even if it is not the healthiest option.

I won't sit here and tell you that getting your kids to eat meat and vegetables for every meal is going to be easy, but it is possible! Kids should eat the same as we do, in fact it's even more critical for them to get the best nutrition they can while they are still growing. Plus it will mean less work for you since you won't have to...


Another CrossFit health success story, taken from the Morning Chalk Up:

Part One: My old normal

It was June 2017. I was 242 pounds at 6 feet, over 30% body fat, 36 waist, XL shirts and my cholesterol was consistently over 254. I had headaches weekly and stomach issues that doctors couldn’t figure out. I was always tired, always. I’d come home from work, eat, sleep and start my day over. I had no energy for anything else. My six-year-old son began sports and I couldn’t keep up. I was on a path of health destruction.

One of my best friends, Robert, kept inviting me to work out with him. I’d always say yes, but never show up. The reality was that I was too busy with life. My job was extremely demanding. I had two kids and a wife that also needed my attention and time. I just didn’t have time to workout. It was going to be too much strain on my ability to manage work and family time.



Tomorrow we will be doing our Bring Sexy Back challenge WOD. We will use the results as one of our measurements for progress in the challenge. Make sure you record your score somewhere so you can reference it again in 30 days.

We will also be starting to take measurements tomorrow which will also be recorded. If you would like to take pictures at the start of the challenge to compare them to later pictures, you can do that on your own. I think that it can be an important tool to see progress as the scale doesn't always give us a full picture of the changes we've made.

I've sent all of the challenge participants an email with detailed information on the challenge, if you did not receive it please let me know.

Tomorrow you should begin tracking your nutrition, sleep, water, and exercise. I find using MyFitnessPal or a Google Spreadsheet is best!

Please let myself or your coach know if you have any questions!

Monday's Training:

"Bring Sexy Back"

For Time:

Run 800m

Row 1000m

Run 800m