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Happy Father's Day to all you strong Dads out there! We want to honor you for making your health a priority and being a role model of health and fitness for your kids!

Thank you to those who came to our Beach WOD on Saturday! We got in our fitness in the beautiful gulf and on (in) the sand, and had a great time doing it! We will try to continue to plan workouts outside of the gym to mix things up and keep things fresh. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions!

Monday's Training:


1 Snatch + 2 OHS

Build to a Heavy Single


"Cindy Got Jacked"

For Time: (15min Time Cap)

5 Rounds of Cindy

30 OHS (115/80)

1000m Row

Goal: Get through OHS in 3 sets or less, push pace on row


Beach WOD this Saturday at 9:30am! Please try to arrive between 9 and 9:30 to get set up. We will meet on the beach across from the Hurricane Restaurant on 9th and Gulf Way. There is metered street parking available. Bring a cooler with drinks/food, sunscreen, a beach chair/umbrella, and your bathing suit! It will be a great time!

Sunday we will have Yoga at 10am, we will be wishing all of you wonderful dads a Happy Father's Day!

Friday's Training:


Alt. EMOM x 10:

Odd) 3-5 Strict Ring Dips

Even) 3-5 Strict Pull Ups


RDs- Ring Push Ups

PUs- Banded PUs, Low Bar Pull Ups, Ring Rows


For Time:


Thrusters 135/95


Rope Climbs, 15 ft.

Goal: Thrusters in 1-2 sets, push the pace!


The winner of the raffle is Johnny! This guy is on a roll! He is generously gifting his free month of CrossFit to his daughter so she can participate in our Fundamentals program! And, everyone wins with the NEW FAN we have now! We will be having more raffles like this to contribute to new equipment for the gym, with some cool prizes for you guys!

Check out the announcement on Instagram.

Thursday's Training:

2018 Regionals Event 1 (Mod.)

"Triple 1.5"

For Time: (30min Time Cap)


1500m Row

150 Double Unders

1.5 Mile Run


1000m Row

100 DUs/200 SUs

1 Mile Run


The winner of the nutrition challenge is Keri Davis!

She accumulated the most points from tracking her meals most consistently. Keri also improved her time on the workout and had a noticeable difference in her before & after photos. She is our all-around winner of the free 2 night stay in Sarasota!

We are also awarding two other participants - Gerardo & Johnny!

Both Gerardo and Johnny have had significant weight loss over the past couple of months, and we want to recognize them for consistently tracking their meals throughout the challenge!

Thank you to everyone who participated, we hope you got something out of the challenge and will continue to make your nutrition one of your top priorities!

Wednesday's Training:

A. E2MOM x 6:

Sets 1-2) 3 Snatches @ 80%

Sets 3-4) 2 Snatches @ 85%

Sets 5-6) 1 Snatch @ 90%

B. "Snake Bite"

For Time:


Squat Snatch 95/65

C2B Pull Ups



Power Snatch 75/55

OHS 75/55

Pull Ups/Ring Rows


Tuesday's Training:

Every 4:00 x 5:

30 Air Squats

20/15 Cal Row

10 Burpees Over Rower or Parallette

Goal: Fast transitions in/out of rower, don't stop moving


This Week:

  • The winners of the Nutrition challenge will be announced by Wednesday! Sorry for the wait! We are still calculating the scores. You will be notified if you have won a prize!
  • Don't forget to buy some raffle tickets to raise money for a new fan for the gym. You have a chance to win a free month of CrossFit you can use for yourself, or for a friend! We will have the drawing on Wednesday, 6/13. The winner will be notified!
  • Pass-a-grille is the winner for the Beach Workout next Saturday 6/16! We will meet on the beach across from the Hurricane Restaurant between 8th and 9th Ave. Bring your sunscreen, umbrella, chair, towel, beers, food, and water, you will get sandy and wet!
  • Sunday is not only Fathers Day, but Free Yoga at 10am! All you dads out there come treat yourself with an hour long hot yoga sesh. You'll thank me later.

Monday's Training:

A. EMOM x 5:

5 Front Squats

B. For Time:


Clean & Jerks (115/80)

30 Double Unders after each...


We are calculating all of the results from the tester today, the scores from tracking your meals, and the before/after photos and will announce the winners at the beginning of next week! Great work!

Referrals - we need your help!

There are several of you who have brought in your family and friends to the gym and have gotten them to join. You are much appreciated! A referral is the highest compliment you can pay us. If you need help convincing your family and friends to try CrossFit, make sure to not only talk about the workouts you love, tell them about how your life has been positively changed. Maybe you've lost weight, maybe you have more energy, maybe you sleep better, maybe you've made great friends. Let them know why the gym is the best hour of your day. As always, you are the reason we do what we do.

Here is how the referral process works:

  • Tell a friend about CrossFit, and ask them if they'd like to try the Saturday class
  • They try the class, get a great workout in, meet some cool people, and get a bunch...

You did it!

The end of the Macros in May Nutrition Challenge has come! I'm super proud of all of you who participated and kept track of what you ate for the past 30 days! You should feel proud of yourselves too, even if you fell off with tracking or with eating the right way. You committed to the challenge and now have the knowledge of how to track your protein, your carbs, and your fat intake. Hopefully you have noticed positive changes in how you look, feel, and perform. Please submit your final days of tracking, your "after" photos, and your Baseline wod results to your coach by the end of the week. We will announce the winners once all of the results are in!

Thursday's Training:

A. Turkish Get Up


(2 reps/arm)

Climbing in Weight

B. "Baseline"

For Time:

500m Row

40 Air Squats

30 Sit Ups

20 Push Ups

10 Pull Ups


We are kicking off a new tradition this week with a monthly raffle! Every month we will give you the chance to win something amazingly awesome, and to get it started for June we are raffling off a free month of CrossFit. We will start selling tickets tomorrow for $6 each, or 2 tickets for $10. We will have the drawing next Wednesday 6/13 and announce the winner on social media. If you win, you will not have to pay a membership fee for the following month! We will be using the proceeds from the raffle to buy a NEW FAN for the gym!!!!

We plan to announce the monthly prize on the first Wednesday of every month and will offer up sweet prizes like equipment and experiences. Please see a coach to purchase a ticket. You may pay cash or write your name on the clipboard with the number of raffle tickets you'd like to buy! Make sure to write your name on the ticket!

Wednesday's Training:

A. Build to a Heavy Single

3-Position Power Clean + Split Jerk

B. "Tiger Blood"

3 Rounds:



Have you checked out the CrossFit podcast yet? There are interviews with Games athletes, affiliate owners, and regular people who have transformed their lives with CrossFit. Check it out here.

Some other podcasts you may want to check out:

Froning & Friends - listen to the 4 time Games champ discuss challenges, motivation, and interview important people in the CrossFit world

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What are your favorite health/exercise related podcasts?

Tuesday's Training:

"Cast Away"

3 min AMRAP:

21 Lateral Barbell Burpee

21 OHS (75/55)

Max Cal Row

3 min Rest

3 min...